Boat Services

Spring Commissioning


Vessel and systems evaluation to ensure a trouble free season

Weekly detailing available

Fiberglass Repair


Chips, dings or damage can be repaired and then repainted with computer color match for a flawless finish



Restore and maintain the original 

beauty of your boat's wood 


teak deck

replace or touch up worn or damaged gel coat, re-bed  or replace loose hardware and restore teak

Engine Work


Repairs and maintenance on all engine types.


Proper closing of all systems allows for a fresh start in the spring

Proper closing of all systems allows for a fresh start in the spring and shrink wrap protects your boat from the elements

Additional Services

Coastal Property Repair and Restoration

  Power Wash :  Selecting the right pressure is key . Our experienced crew can restore the appearance of a wood  deck or dock by removing  mold, mildew and algae. Your composite  decking can be safely  cleaned with a softer spray washing. All Products are plant and water way friendly.

 Waterproof  : Treating new and restored wood with a sealant will protect the surface from the elements, make future cleanings easier and add years of life to your deck 

 Stain, Paint, Repair and Replace  :  Our carpentry & painting team have over 20 yrs of experience rebuilding and restoring residential docks and entertainment areas. 




Marine Magic  LLC  is a locally owned business that provides world class skills and products to Cape Cod.  Our mobile capabilities bring service, repairs and upgrades to your boat ; whether at the dock or in your yard.   Our goal is to turn our 20 yrs of experience into client satisfaction.  

Isaiah McCartney,  owner